Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wednesday Treasury Challenge: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

2011 Fine Art Calendar by shawnacameron

Since Saturday was a Pounce challenge and so many people will be traveling, cooking, etc we aren't picking a winner to promote this week, since their item wouldn't receive the same amount of promotion as usual. (A big thank you to Ashli for reminding me of that!)  Plus, all your Pounce treasuries were awesome - very hard to pick a winner!

Instead we are joining in the huge Black Friday and Cyber Monday Etsy promotion and we're starting the challenge today to give ourselves a leg up!  Etsy will be heavily promoting items and treasuries using the "black friday etsy", "cyber monday etsy" and "etsy free shipping" tags this weekend.  This thread by marymary has all the details about this promotion and how to use the tags, and also requests treasury makers promote these items as well.

Etsy will be using these treasuries during the holiday weekend and they're queuing them up now.  We wanted to give you plenty of time to join in!  Your challenge will be to create team treasuries using all items tagged Black Friday Etsy, Cyber Monday Etsy, or Etsy Free Shipping, or all three- and make sure to tag your treasuries with those terms as well!  Because not all team members are using these tags, we are making an exception to the rule this week - you don't need to include 8 team members but try to include as many as you can using these promotional tags.  See you on the front page!

The Rules:
  1. Because not all team members are using these promotional tags, you do not have to include 8 team members in your treasury, just include as many as you can. Use the sidebar on this blog or click here for a link to our team Etsy minis.
  2. All the items in the treasury must have a "Black Friday Etsy", "Cyber Monday Etsy" or "Etsy Free Shipping" tag.
  3. Tag your treasury with the appropriate tag - if the items you selected are using Black Friday Etsy tags, tag your treasury "Black Friday Etsy".  If your items have a mix of all three promotional tags, tag your treasury with all three tags.  
  4. Tag your treasury "curationnation" if you were able to include at least 8 team members.
  5. Have fun! And Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Here's mine - I was able to make it a team treasury too! Yay!

    Start Your Shopping - http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4cec2e9c6e448eeffc02bb65/start-your-shopping

  2. Here is mine. All the best everyone: http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4cec82a332e46d9165b2bd29/beat-the-crowds-shop-at-home

  3. Dust off the credit card! http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4ced2d6f50396d91f5dae619/black-friday-cyber-monday

  4. Happy thanksgiving!!! Here's mine.

  5. Black and Blue!


  6. Title says it all


  7. Here's mine and yep, it qulifies as a team collection too : )



  8. I have a couple!

  9. here's mine > http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4cefe802ab226d91bf454b7c/neutrals-for-your-black-friday-treasury

  10. Here's mine and it's full of teamies! : )


  11. http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4cf44bc1790d8eefc1d2054f/hurry-cyber-monday-is-winding-down