Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Item Challenge

So because we didn't have a Saturday Theme Challenge this week I've decided the Wednesday Item Challenge is going to be a bit different. Instead of featuring an item all week we're going to feature a location instead! Best idea ever right? haha!

The rules are going to be a bit different so make sure to read carefully. For example you will not be required to include 8 CN teamies in your treasury like normal. I know this is goes against the general rules for the team but this way we can feature some of our fellow Etsians, give our team some more exposure and perhaps even drum up some more participation for our weekly challenges. Anyone can play after all, not just team members. So....

1. Below is a list of all CN team members and their locations (found in their shops).
2. Pick a team members shop and therefore their location (eg. craftedbylindy = Calgary, Alberta as the location)
3. Go to the Etsy home page and click on "Shop Local" on the left hand side.
4. Type in the location you want to search and start curating! 
5. Include 1 item from the team members shop you got the location from (eg. one item from craftedbylindy's shop)
5. Tag the treasury "name of location you're featuring (eg. "Calgary Alberta")"
6. Tag the treasury "shoplocal"
7. Include a link to this post in the comments of your treasury as well as an explanation of what the challenge is all about (eg. "The Curation Nation treasury team is having a Shop Local treasury challenge this week. All shops in this treasury are from Calgary, Alberta, Canada").
8. If you tweet, tweet your treasury using the hashtag #EtsyTeamTreasury
9. DUE DATE: Wednesday August 31.
10. Have fun!

Promote, promote, promote.....tell all your friends about our challenges. Everyone is invited to play - these challenges are open to all and are great way to get some extra exposure for your shops. These challenges are also voluntary - never mandatory for team members.

Locations - I apologize if any of these are wrong or incomplete. If you need a change made to your location please let me know, thank you! It looks like we have 9 shops from Canada, 11 shops I classified as International (not Canada or U.S.) and 62 shops from the U.S!

 US -


  1. This was tricky - but fun!

  2. yay! shop local is working again! Here's mine, from Calgary:

  3. Not a member of the team, but I had fun putting this together, from Windsor, Ontario Canada

  4. Here's one for Chi-Town!

  5. Duh, forgot the link: