Thursday, October 21, 2010

to brag or not to brag?

The other day I jumped in a discussion on the team's Google Groups page discussing using the "My shop featured on the front page" image in your listings that have made the front page.

The discussion brought up some good points.  A lot of the points I had never considered before.  These were the most average opinions:

-If an item has the "FP badge", I won't use it in my treasuries because it has already been on the front page.  I would rather feature something new.

-I don't really look to see if an item has the "FP  badge".  If it fits my treasury, I'm using the item.

-I like to use one or two items with the "FP badge" because I know these items have caught the eye of an Admin in the past.

How do you feel about this topic?  I wanted to bring this up on the blog in case any non-members had something to say.  Feel free to discuss in the comments here.  Do you notice any benefits of adding this image to your listings?  I know that I gave up adding this image a long time ago because it was just "one more thing to do" and discontinuing it would be "one less thing to do".  Also, sometimes I feel like the badge is really just saying this:


  1. Oh my gosh! That button is hilarious! When I make them, it doesn't matter to me if an item has been on FP or not, if it fits, it fits. I do use the badge, but...I do it for the buyers - not for treasury curators.

  2. interesting discussion, and as a true fence sitter, I can see the pro's and con's off all those opinions!

    I don't add it either, it is another thing to do.

  3. I never even look to see if there's a badge in the listing. I don't think it would affect my using an item, but I do enjoy giving Treasury exposure to new and/or low sales sellers.

  4. ...and actually, my most fp'ed item never did sell! so your badge is very apt :)

  5. That badge was designed for me, wasn't it? ;)

    I also do not add this to my listings. It feels like it is more work than it is really worth. Also, I don't think my buyers would really care one way or the other.

  6. I will seriously use that badge. Hilarity.

    I don't bother adding this to my listings. I don't think it effects a sale one way or the other.

  7. Once you have the image saved to your computer, it takes like 30 seconds to add to it the entry. I usually do this when I relist or if I decide to revamp my tags (like for gift guides/seasonal trends). Whether or not it matters to customers is unknown to me.

    As a treasury maker, I usually try not to use items that have already been featured or that have tons of views because I personally get sick of seeing the same one item from a seller's store on the FP over and over again.

  8. I don't think a "this made it to the FP badge necessarily means nobody wanted it.
    A lot of us make NOT one of a kind stuff... I've had stuff make the FP and sell, and then I relist it...

  9. good points everyone! and Kathy I agree, I've used a FP badge on items I relisted too so it's not ALWAYS true.

    Anyone can use this badge if they feel like it... I designed it myself so you won't be stepping on any toes/breaking any copyright.

  10. I love that badge, too funny! I agree with Kathy though, there are a lot of shops that can remake items (like mine) so it doesn't necessarily mean that. So funny though!

    As for your three points above...I've thought all three when I've stumbled upon "the badge" in a listing. I usually use the item if it fits though and don't worry too much about it. I guess I also kind of lean more towards if Etsy put it on the FP once maybe they'll do it again! haha.

    Overall I don't think "the badge" makes any difference to sales. Just my opinion.

    Great blog post!

  11. I tend not to use items with the badge... I know there's so much negetive talk of 'repeats' so I try to keep my treasuries fresh. That being said, I definitely have made treasuries using items that have the badge as they just fit so well.
    Dovei Moon

  12. What a great post! I've often wondered these same things about using the badge. I do use it on mine, just cause I get so stinkin' excited when I get on the FP.

    When I'm curating, the badge makes no difference to me. If it fits in my treasury, I'll use the item. If I've seen something on the FP a bazillion times, though, I'll usually avoid it to give someone else a chance. The badge is irrelevant at that point, though.

  13. In terms of selling, I don't think the badge makes a difference. More than treasuries, we have to think about sales it could bring. How do you act when you see it as a buyer? Does it change your mind as a buyer? Would you buy an item with the badge just because it has the badge?
    I don't mind about the badge when making a treasury, I just pick items with similar or well-combined colors, trying to get a large range of price... Was an item already featured? I don't care in fact ^^

  14. Your badge is too funny!

    It doesn't matter to me if an item has been on the FP. I look for items that are beautifully photographed and support the feeling and theme of the treasury.

  15. When I make treasuries, I do not care if it already was on the front page. I use the badge 'My item was on the front page' for items that make it. I really need to use your badge for some:)

  16. I usually don't use an item if it has a FP badge. I worry that the people picking the treasuries won't want to use it because it isn't new.of course sometimes I make an exception

  17. I don't include or exclude and item because of the badge. If i like a picture or it fits my theme, I will use it.

    Great topic btw

    That last badge is hilarious!