Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Theme Treasury Challenge - Those 3 Little Words

Nope, it's not 'I love you'!

I opened the Etsy Finds 'July Shopping Guide' email and I saw what I had expected to see: the patriotic July 4th and the sassy summer fashion.  And happened!  I got smacked right in the kiester with these 3 little words: "BACK TO SCHOOL" & "CHRISTMAS IN JULY".  Oh. Boys.  

For this week's challenge I thought it would be fun for you to curate whatever smacks you right on YOUR kiester.  Go ahead and choose from the list below for your amazing curation.  This list was taken right from the Etsy Finds email.  To see the complete Etsy Finds 'July Shopping Guide' email, click here.

Summer Fun
July Birthdays
Summer Fashion 
Back to School
Tour de France
Christmas in July Preview
Antiquing and Collecting
Summer Weddings
Harvest and Halloween (I've got a feeling there are going to be a few of these!)
July Trends

There is always a photo used to express the theme but this item does not have to be included in your treasury.

**Please note the new due date.**

The Rules:

1. Include at least 8 Curation Nation team members. 
2. Tag the treasury "curationnation" 
3. Tag the treasury "etsyteamtreasury" - if you tweet, tweet your treasury using the hashtag #EtsyTeamTreasury.
4. Tag the treasury "July trends" 
5. Post a comment here on the blog with a link to your treasury - your treasury will not be judged unless you have posted it below in the comments. Your shop could be chosen as the winner to be featured on our Wednesday Item Treasury Challenge.  
6. Put a link to this blog post in the comments of the treasury - this helps others find the challenge and enter. 
7. Please follow our blog. 
8. DUE DATE: Tuesday, July, 5. 
9. Saturday Treasury Challenges are the only challenges that get judged.

Everyone is invited to play - these challenges are open to all! These challenges are also voluntary - never mandatory for team members. Remember to try to include team mates you haven't used before.  These challenges are meant to build your treasury making skills, promote the team and make Etsy connections.  If you deal in vintage it's a great time to promote your vintage goods by making the old new again!


  1. My Summer Weddings themed treasury,


  3. Heavy Pedal



  5. My first fall treasury - - eeeks!

  6. d'oh! I hope I made it in time!

  7. My Antique themed collection: