Monday, July 26, 2010

Congratulations BrokenHallelujah!

One of our team mates, Brandy, from Broken Hallelujah just got married last month! What an exciting time for her.  Let's all give her a big Congratulations!!

Beautiful. (and I love your dress!)

So, let's get to know Brandy a little more now.

Angie: "Who inspired you to be an Etsian?"

Brandy: "No on in particular. I was first inspired to join Etsy after hearing so much about it on the message boards several years ago. I decided to take the leap and open up my own shop as a way to help pay for my new obsession with crochet."

Angie: "What is your favorite thing about Etsy?"

Brandy: "I love the amazing creativity of Etsy. Pretty much anything you want (and some things you don't) you can find on Etsy. It's so great. Plus it's full of amazingly creative people. I have made so many great friends here. If I ever have to leave Etsy I will miss it terribly."

Angie: "What is your favorite thing in your shop?"

Brandy: "Right now my favorite thing in my shop are my summer melon mary jane slippers.
I love the bright summer colors & the cool freshness of the combination of green & orange."
I agree, I do love these colors! 

Angie: "Is there anything else you feel everyone should know about you?"

Brandy: "I guess it would be that I opened & have run my Etsy shop as a full time college student. Now I am entering graduate school as a master's student & hope I will be able to keep my shop open. It was tough & I never had the time I wanted to dedicate to the shop, but I still made it work and I'm proud of being my own business owner while working to achieve my academic goals of becoming a Ph.D. in marine biology."

Wow.  That's really amazing, Brandy! If only we all had that sort of dedication.  You've done an amazing job with your etsy shop and I wish you all the best of luck with your graduate program.

I have to show a picture now of my favorite item in your shop! I love the flowers on this set.

Brandy has all sorts of great accessories for women.  She's even got something for the people like me that already know how to crochet! I wouldn't necessarily buy a finished crochet piece from someone else, but crochet patterns are always an option in Brandy's shop!

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know your Brandy!


  1. Congratulations on your marriage! And good luck in grad school :) You're a braver woman than I am. haha.

  2. I love Brandy to death. She was one of my first "regular" twitter buddies and the very 1st person I asked to be on this team (after Yvonne asked me).


    You are talented and beautiful and I hope to follow your life as you achieve all of your goals!


  3. Congratulations, Brandy! It is so nice to get to know a little bit more about you!

    P.S. Never leave.

  4. yea Brandy! You are such a sweetheart and I wish you all of life's good things. Congrats on the wedding and I'm so glad to have gotten to know you better through twitter!

  5. Congrats, Brandy! I love your shop!

    I am a graduate student and it can be done. Stock up before school starts! Etsy provides a nice break from the books that's for sure.

  6. Congratulations Brandy and best wishes for the future studying!

  7. What a gorgeous wedding gown! It reminds me of old Hollywood.
    Congratulations! May everyday be filled with love! :)
    Caren of The Vintage Apartment

  8. Thank you everyone for your super sweet comments! I love you all. :D

  9. Congrats! I'm still a newly wed for another three weeks (if newly wed = married less than one year.) Doesn't it feel great! :D You look great in that photo! I hope you'll share more of them with us!

  10. Congrats!! Your photo is fabulous! Great to get to know you a little better :)

  11. Congratulations Brandy!!!! You look amazingly gorgeous in that dress!! Your shop is fabulous and it is wonderful to have gotten to know you a little better:) Good luck in all your endeavors!!!

  12. Congratulations Brandy! Oh my goodness, you are so lovely on your wedding day :-) Super mad props to you for running your shop and being a student full time. Good luck in grad school and achieving all of your goals!

  13. your slippers and my daughter does too. May have to put them on my list soon to replace the old ones! Congrats on the marriage and have fun pursuing your goals!

  14. You go giiiiirl! Congratufrigginlations!!!

  15. Congratulations and best wishes to you on your new marriage (beautiful bride!).
    I'm so impressed that you kept your Etsy shop open as you finish your education (Ph.D. in marine biology - wow), and planned a wedding.

    I do love your slippers, those are awesome! (marking for cooler weather)!!

    Good Luck in whatever you do! ♥toni

  16. Wow, brains AND beauty (and youth)!!!
    Congratulations on your marriage, and all of your accomplishments, Brandy!

  17. Congrats Brandy! I love that dress, and this is a very lovely feature. :)