Friday, July 16, 2010

Vote for the GlitzGlitter winners

That beautiful necklace from GlitzGlitter was on the front page. Twice. I guess that actually means I've picked item from her shop that have gotten her featured on the front page four times now. But if you look at CraftCult GlitzGlitter has a pretty impressive front page record.
and it is no surprise- her photos are BEAUTIFUL.

To Sacredsuds and PluckingPendants: Congratulations on your front page treasuries- with the challenge- that is a super win.
Finally we will vote on which of the two we like best for the Ultimate Treasury winner. I can also send them a certificate in the mail for their greatness.
Your choices?
The Plucking Pendants Treasury:

and the SacredSuds option free polls
which Front Page Glitz Glitter Treasury do you Prefer
SacredSuds Plucking Pendants

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