Friday, July 2, 2010

June Stats and clearing up the Tagging Confusion

Hello team!  Here are the Team Stats for June 2010:

Total treasuries: 355
Total member appearances: 4,207
Total treasuries on the FP: 10 (We really do rule! 10 in the short time we've been a team!)

Top 11 treasury curators (created the most this month): 
Tracey (Raceytay)  23
Cristy (Garden22DesignStudio) 21
Celia (GlitzGlitter) 14
Toni (BucktoothedBunny)  12
Laurence (LaurenceCollection) 12
Jane (littlebugjewelry) 12
Julie (suchaprettydress) 12
Jennifer (dollfacedeville) 11
Megan (Blushie) 10
Janae (claireandjanae) 10
Jen (zwzzy) 10

Be sure to give Eileen a big virtual high five for compiling all of these stats!

Also... here are the team tags to use (to clear up the confusion)

Treasury tag: Curation Nation (two separate words)
Item tag: curationnation
twitter tag: #cnation


  1. Thank you for your diligent work Eileen! I get a headache trying to calculate tips in my head. :P You. Are. AweSOME!

  2. Thanks Eileen! You rock :) We wouldn't be this successful without you!

  3. Thanks ladies! You are my motivation! Yvonne has the hardest job of all. She has to deal directly with the people who want on the team and don't take rejections well. I would rather to a 1,000 spreadsheets! High five Yvonne!