Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting to Know Plucking Pendants

Hey there, team! Tonight, I'm going to be featuring Ashley, from Plucking Pendants.  If you haven't checked out her shop, you should.  She makes the most amazing jewelry out of recycled guitar strings!!  I've been eye-balling her items ever since I joined ETSY.  She's also a treasury wiz!  She won the GlitzGlitter treasury challenge back in July, but due to her being on vacation, then me being focused elsewhere, she's just now getting her feature.

So, let's get to know Ashley.

Angie: Who inspired you to be an Etsian?

Ashley: It was my Mom! She was the one who introduced me to Etsy and has always been a huge inspiration for me. Being a crafty goddess herself Mom is always looking out for ways to help me further my business and creativity!

Angie: What is your favorite thing about Etsy?

Ashley: Besides having a amazing place to sell my goodies and meeting lots of lovely people when it comes down to it I love to shop and Etsy really is my favorite place to spend my money, it makes shopping for gifts so much fun too!

Angie: What is your favorite thing in your shop?

Ashley: I love the resin coated guitar string rings, especially the large ones! They are so sparkly and unique. I have some earrings very similar coming out soon too!

Angie: What is one thing you would like everyone to know about you?

Ashley:I went to school from 3rd to 8th grade at a house on a small farm where we had barn chores during recess and we had a one room classroom that was heated by a wood stove. My first independent project there I did there was on jewelry making, looking back now I see that my passion was ignited and my path was set with that project thanks to my mentor and the adorable Fimo jewelry I made for it!


Wow! That's so amazing.  You do great work, Ashley!

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  1. Wonderful to meet you Ashley!!
    Nice article!!