Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting to Know Virtue Bath and Beauty

Hi there, team! It's time to get to know Jess, from Virtue Bath and Beauty.  Jess is the winner of the Green treasury challenge, and the creator of some amazing looking skin care and make up products!

Angie: Who inspired you to be an etsian?
Jess: I have a friend who is an amazing photographer and she got a lot of her props off of etsy. She bragged so much about the amazing artists there that I just had to check it out and immediately fell in love. The small town that I live in doesn't have very much "art" culture so etsy fulfilled that part of me longing to meet and connect with other artists.

Angie: What is your favorite thing about etsy?
Jess: Well it changes quite often but at this moment I am enthralled by the vintage aspect of etsy. I love things that have a story to them and I love to imagine who owned that item previously. If you ever want to see some great vintage items just look in my favorites, I have a huge collection of things I love.

Angie: What is your favorite thing in your shop?
Jess: I love all of my bubble bars, especially the peppermint one. It is the prettiest blue when it dissolves in the water and makes these giant cloud-like bubbles. It reminds me of the sky in may. Plus, it smells like heaven.

What is one thing you would like everyone to know about you?
I would love everyone to know how much I appreciate their support. I was sort of "undiscovered" talent before curation nation came along and I owe a lot of my success to all of you. You are all so talented and i'm honored to be counted as your team member and friend.
xoxo Jess

Thank you for the interview, Jess!


  1. yay! Great interview. I love learning about the rest of the team :)

  2. I too enjoy learning about all our teammies. Very Nice interview! Go Jess!! ♥toni

  3. Hey Jess! It's great to learn more about you, especially since you spent so much of your own time creating those treasuries dedicated to other members a while back :) You rock sista friend!

    Great interview! I also found more interesting things on Jessica's profile, like the fact that she is this driven and amazing at 18 years old!

    Keep up the great work. Go team!