Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a little challenge and a giveaway...

Hey everyone!  It's your blog administrator here.  I just completed my 100th treasury in 100 days, and I'm celebrating by having a treasury challenge and giveaway on my Treasured Year blog.

It's going to be open for 25 more days, and all you have to do to enter is make a treasury using one of my previous treasury titles as the theme.  Follow the blog, comment with a link... and you're in.  The prize will be determined by how many people enter.  (This challenge is not connected to Curation Nation, but feel free to use 8 or more Curation Nation members and count it as one of your team t's!)


  1. 100?? You're my hero! I'm in! Thanks, Doll!

  2. Very cool! I love the concept of your prize, too. Here's to lots of entries! ツ

    All the best, Jessica