Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getting to Know ShelleAnne

Hey team! It's time for a challenge winner feature! ShelleAnne was the winner of the ZWZZY treasury challenge, and I thought we could all get to know a little more about Rachelle.

Angie: Who inspired you to be an Etsian?
Rachelle: Truly, a lady inspired me to be an Etsian who now doesn't even sell soap online any more. (Tragic!) But once I saw Etsy and bought from several sellers I was hooked! I needed a creative outlet and set up shop.

Angie: What is your favorite thing about Etsy?
Rachelle: My favorite thing about Etsy are two things: Treasuries (I'm addicted to them!) and how Etsy has strengthened my relationship with my sister: claireandjanae - we went from barely talking to talking every day and I am overjoyed about that.

Angie: What is your favorite thing in your shop?
Rachelle: My favorite thing about my shop is just about anything pink.

Angie: What is one thing you would like everyone to know about you?
Rachelle: One thing I would like everyone to know about me is that I am looking forward to making big improvements on my shop in the future AND I'm writing a book. (Had to sneak in two things!)

Thank you for your interview Shelleanne!


  1. Very Nice to meet you Rachelle.
    Very cute shop adn congrats on the book!!

  2. Rachelle your work is beautiful and I have been admiring it for a while. I enjoyed the interview!

  3. Hi Shelleanne, nice to meet ya :)

    I didn't know we had sisters on the team, yaay!