Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Talkin' Tuesday - - Meet Shelley from EvenAndy!

Here are 9 Fierce Facts about Shelley and one line is completely fictional.  Get involved by guessing which one of the 10 items listed below is the impostor. Put your comments below and Shelley may be around on Twitter so you can poke at her for some hints!  The fictional statement about Shelley will be posted next Tuesday when I feature the next CN Teammie. See below for the false fact about last week's featured teammie, Kelly.

1.  I used to be a chemist in a laboratory in California.
2.  I love reality television (most of it), especially The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Orange County, and Atlanta.
3.  I am a sports fanatic (especially football) and I love the Pittsburgh Steelers.
4.  I am married to an Art Director who makes commercials and attended college at a rival school.
5.  I have 2 children and we found out the sex ahead of time for one and not the other.
6.  My husband wanted to name my oldest son Leo, Cassius, or Bruin and he was vetoed.
7.  My mom loved Captain and Tennille and so my middle name is Tennille.
8. I played the flute in my high school marching band.
9.  I have a younger sister and an older brother.  We call my brother Jude because my mom loved the 'Hey Jude' song by the Beatles.
10.  I love dogs but I am terrified of cats (the claws scare me).
*******Last week's false fact about Kelly from Cookstah was this one: #3: I live in Colorado and I have climbed all of the Colorado 14ers (14,000 feet peaks). I did most of them before I turned 30. I have a teeshirt that is really ugly with the names of all the 14ers and I have them all checked off. I wear it all the time because I love to brag about it. Kelly lives in Colorado but didn't climb all of those peaks.  She's a sneaky Pete that Kelly!


  1. Shelley, it is so fantastic getting to know you! You could not be any more adorable with that hat on! The Captain from 'Captain and Tennille' wore a hat too....I bet it's in your genes. So happy you are with us on CN!

  2. Hey Shelley! I want to believe all of the facts because they're so great :) I'm going to go with 8 as the false one and say you maybe played a different instrument! I hate to side with your husband, but I actually really like the name Leo! haha! I hope we can still be friends. :)

  3. Hi Shelley! So nice to get to know you! I am going with #8 also. I agree with Kristi...marching band yes...flute no! :)

  4. I'm gonna guess #7 is false and that your mom was not a fan of Captain & Tennille. "Tennille" does have a nice ring to it, though. Now I've got "Muskrat Love" playing in my head ;)

  5. Hey Shelley...nice to meet you.

    Awesome facts. I have no clue but will guess
    #7 as well. Tennille is an awesome middle name, but did anyone really like the Capt. and Tennille?

    Can't wait to see which fact is false.
    ♥toni (NOT as in Tennille ; )

  6. Hi Shelley!

    First off, you're awesome for having an "e" in your name ;)

    I'm going with #5 as the false fact (I bet you surprised yourselves on BOTH:), and #9 as my FAVORITE fact, since I too was named after a Beatles song :D
    ~StacEy Michelle

  7. Hi Ya!!!!

    This game swirles my head, I'm just happy to meet you Shelley!!

    I'm looking forward to the answer :)

  8. Such fun facts, Shelley, and it's great to get to know you! I know you were a chemist in a path lab, cause I read that in your profile. Other than that, I just don't know! I'm going to go with #10. Can't wait to hear the truth!

  9. What a pleasure to meet you Shelley!

    I'm guessing #1 is false, just the part about the lab being in California.

  10. I never get these right to begin with, but who could possibly be afraid of kitties?? :)

    So happy to meet you Shelley!

  11. It is so nice getting to know you Shelley! This is a toughie, but I'm also going to go with #5 as the false one :)

  12. I am with Yvonne, you couldn't be more adorable in that hat, Shelley!!! These are wonderful facts and it is great to get to know you. I seem to be really bad at guessing, but I am going to go with Stacey and say #5.

    So happy to have you on this awesome team:)