Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Item Challenge - FunFlash from FunRetro

First of all I want to say thank you to everyone for being so patient with me the last few weeks. Things have been busy here with family and I've let the Wednesday treasury posts slip by. Hugs to you all and thanks again for being so fabulous!
Now for this weeks winner!

I can't believe that Easter is almost upon us. It feels like we just finished putting away everything from Christmas and Valentines day! Man time goes by fast. Today's winning treasury goes to FunFlash a shop run by FunRetro!! 

Congratulations to you Natalie!!

Easter Sunday by FunFlash on Etsy
Taken from the Etsy finds from today: The New Black, we will focus her vintage Kodak Instamatic 304 Camera!

Vintage Kodak Instamatic 304 Camera by FunFlash on Etsy
Have fun everyone!!!

The Rules:

1. Include at least 8 Curation Nation team members.
2. Tag the treasury "curationnation"

3. Tag the treasury "etsyteam".
4. Tag the treasury "etsyteamtreasury" - if you tweet, tweet your treasury using the hashtag #EtsyTeamTreasury. 
5. Tag the treasury "KodakCamera"
6. Post a comment here on the blog with a link to your treasury.
7. Put a link to this blog post in the comments of the treasury - this helps others find the challenge and enter.

Please follow our blog.
9. DUE DATE: Wednesday, April 6th. 

Everyone is invited to play - these challenges are open to all! These challenges are also voluntary - never mandatory for team members. Remember to try to include team mates you haven't used beforeThese challenges are meant to build your treasury making skills, promote the team and make Etsy connections. 


  1. Pattern Language !

  2. Lights, camera, action!

  3. Here is mine.

  4. Here is mine!

  5. Shapely!

  6. Here we go:

  7. here's mine:

  8. and mine

  9. mine, mine, mine : )

  10. Here ya go:

  11. Mine:

  12. oh, I just noticed this!! wow so great! thanks for picking me :)

  13. wait for me!

  14. Hope I am doing this correctly....I'm offering up this treasury for your challenge.

  15. So much fun to make!