Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Theme Treasury Challenge - Da Man!

The ability to remove any spider from anywhere!  The 'Go To Guy' for opening stuck jar lids!  The one that doesn't replace the toilet paper roll.  And, the one that complains about the 'Honey Do List' but wouldn't have it any other way.  Who is this person?  Why, the Etsy Dudes, of course! 

This Saturday's Treasury theme challenge is taken from Etsy's Finds email - Etsy Dudes.  Here's the link to the look that Etsy specifically promoted:  Etsy Dudes

There is always a photo used to express the theme but this item does not have to be included in your treasury.The Rules:

1. Include at least 8 Curation Nation team members.
2. Tag the treasury "curationnation"

3. Tag the treasury "etsyteam".
4. Tag the treasury "etsyteamtreasury" - if you tweet, tweet your treasury using the hashtag #EtsyTeamTreasury.
5. Tag the treasury "etsy dudes".

6. Post a comment here on the blog with a link to your treasury - your treasury will not be judged unless you have posted it below in the comments.
7. Put a link to this blog post in the comments of the treasury - this helps others find the challenge and enter.

Please follow our blog.
9. DUE DATE: Wednesday, April 6. 

10. Saturday Treasury Challenges are the only challenges that get judged.

Everyone is invited to play - these challenges are open to all! These challenges are also voluntary - never mandatory for team members. Remember to try to include team mates you haven't used beforeThese challenges are meant to build your treasury making skills, promote the team and make Etsy connections.  If you deal in vintage it's a great time to promote your vintage goods by making the old new again!


  1. Thank you for using my Dude photo!!

  2. Love this theme! Here's my T!

  3. Great idea for a theme!

  4. What kind of Etsy Dude do you like?

  5. I LOVE this challenge! Here's my first one:

  6. Who Da Man?

  7. One of my favortie challenges...


  8. Here's mine:

  9. here's another one:

  10. and another one:

  11. Here's one!

  12. Here's one :)

  13. Here we go:

  14. Etsy Dudes welcome here!

    And sure enough, the guitar strap listing just showed up on the FP!

  15. I missed the deadline. (I thought it was April 6.) But here it is anyway. This was a fun one!

  16. Here's one...even if it's late for dinner :)

    thanks for the inspiration...

    best wishes :)