Thursday, April 21, 2011

Learn & Grow - Featuring CayennePeppyBags

Welcome back to our newest feature! For those of you that missed the very first post here's a quick recap...It's called "Learn & Grow" because that's just what our intention is, to help us get better as a treasury making team! Periodically we will be interviewing some of you that have an Etsy Front Page treasury and featuring you here so others may learn and grow from your experiences. I hope we are all inspired by these posts. Feel free to contact Vanessa or Yvonne with any questions you may have surrounding this feature.

Congratulations to our new feature, Amy from CayennePeppyBags!
1. When you are making a treasury do you have a system that you use to coordinate the items?

To be honest, I usually put together a treasury based on color scheme. I’ve found that that’s a really easy way to put together a cohesive collection and there is always plenty of awesomeness from our team to choose from. :)

2. Do you tend to make treasuries on a whim or so you have a planned theme in mind?

I’m more of a whim(sical) type of gal. :) When I decide to make a treasury, I’ll often browse through my favorites and find something that jumps out at me that I work around. 
3. What tools on Etsy do you find useful while you are making treasuries?  
They’ve made making treasuries so easy now!! It used to be SO time consuming, but now you can whip one out pretty quickly thanks to schmetsy. ( Simply open a new tab to create a treasury, click the icon on the thumbprint or from the listing and WHA-LA!! It automatically posts on your treasury page! (you have to download their program first… it’s easy peazy) You can also send a mass convo to everyone letting them know you’ve featured their loveliness! I usually check the daily treasury tags for what’s hot and the monthly merchandising themes are always in the back of my head. I LOVE this team as that’s where I’ve learned lots of shortcuts!!
4. Tell me a little about the process of making the It’s for you treasury.

I actually stumbled across Denisebrain’s item and thought it would make a great theme for a treasury. William Dohman is a fellow Minnesota artist so I thought his ‘hello’ sign would fit beautifully. Cners filled in the blanks. :) I tried to keep the color palette and retro feel throughout, throwing in Easter/spring themed items.

5. Any rules or advice that you have to offer up to our teammies?

Don’t forget to tag your items with ‘curationnaton.’ I try to include as many shops as possible in my treasuries, but feel like I overlook some shops just cause they don’t show up on my etsy searches. (I know they’re on the blog, but I sometimes forget to reference that!)  When you do a search from etsy, don’t forget to search under ‘all items’ as we have some great vintage and supply shops too!
I always try to include as many CNers as possible, but like to throw in a few other interesting items to keep things fresh and give exposure both to my shop and the other featured shops in my treasury.

I LOVE how supportive and helpful this team is! There is so much talent and knowledge here, and every time I’m ‘treasured’ I do a little happy dance (inside, of course ;) Hugs and smooches! ♥Amy {}

Thank you so much Amy for taking the time to answer these questions!
Happy curating everyone!


  1. Great tips! I might try out that shmetsy thing next time. P.S. Shepherd's Haven sold that bowl because of this FP, so thanks :) You rock!

  2. Thanks for these great tips! I love the shmetsy tools too. Beautiful treasury!

  3. Thank you! These are really helpful tips and the treasury is so lovely!

  4. Woohoo, Amy!!!! Great tips - I'm going to have to try that shmetsy thing too. Congratulations on your gorgeous FP treasury, girlfriend!!

  5. Great article! I too like to build around an inspiration piece.

  6. Great tips Amy, thank you! Congrats on the FP feature. It was well deserved!

  7. Fantastic posting Amy :D Thanks for sharing this!

    I especially like the bit about reminding people to tag as many of their items with curationnation as they can! It really helps since going by the blog roster takes a bit more time :)

  8. Amy, that sure was a beauty of a FP! Using the tag 'curationnation' is always my first go to strategy as well. BUT, I do love the visual of the list of shops on the blog because I can see in my head what 'category' those shops are and instantly think, "Hey, I haven't used that shop in a while!"

  9. Great tips! That Shmetsy feature is cool!