Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Talkin' Tuesday - Meet Stacey from CreaShines!

Here are 9 Fierce Facts about Stacey and one line is completely fictional.  Get involved by guessing which one of the 10 items listed below is the impostor. Put your comments below and Stacey may be around on Twitter so you can poke at her for some hints!  The fictional statement about Stacey will be posted next Tuesday when I feature the next CN Teammie. See below for the false fact about last week's featured teammie, Andrea.

1. When I was 14, I watched a movie where a baby pig's parents were taken to the slaughter house and I have been a vegetarian ever since. (Although my friends refer to me as a pick-atarian cause I'm still a picky vegetable eater.)

2. For my college senior thesis I spent 2 to 4 hours every day from January to April photographing bagworm caterpillars in their natural habitat (the bushes outside our apartment). The final result was a 4 min stop motion film complete w/ audio entirely fabricated by me. *Yvonne here: I twisted Stacey's arm to share the link!  Here it is, but turn your sound on, it's a must to watch with the sound!  http://bit.ly/fCJEUE  

3. I joined the military on a whim after watching a TV commercial of a female sailor photographing Navy SEALS on the beach. I was like, "She gets PAID to do that? Heck yah, where do I sign?" The next day I found myself signing paperwork w/ recruiters to be a photographer in the Navy. It was at that time I realized I had forgotten to inform my parents until the recruiters told me I'd need their permission because I was barely 17. Whoops!
4. My boyfriend, Alex and I are huge animal lovers and have 5 wonderfully sweet cats. All of which are rescued from the streets & shelters. His sister, Olesya and I seriously plan to open our own cat shelter(s).
5. I once jumped 75 feet off of an aircraft carrier into the middle of the Arabian Sea & unwillingly participated in a jelly fish throwing fight once in the water. As soon as I got back on the ship, I looked down to see a giant mass of poisonous sea snakes swimming where I was just located. I've never stepped foot in any ocean or sea since.

6. My dream is to meet Jean Claude Van Damme and have his arse-kicking, French-speaking, sexy babies!

7. At my college graduation last year, I pre-organized with 100+ students to jump and do the wave (in the audience) when they called my name. As I crossed the stage, I took their photo with my big DSLR camera & attached flash. So subtle...

8. The first foreign country I went to was Bahrain, where it was legal for me to drink at age of 18. I remember getting out of a taxi a bit inebriated w/ ppl I didn't know who immediately left me. I soon found myself being followed by a Bahranian soldier wielding an M-16 & making kissy noises. I've still never sobered up so fast in my life! (yep, I got away just fine:)

9. Alex & I once spent 32 waking hours in NYC during the height of a college semester here in Florida.
We didn't get a hotel so in this time we:
~Watched a Bjork concert.
~Attended the Blockbuster midnight opening of a video game & met some celebrities in the gaming circuit. (Later we saw ourselves on Microsoft's website from the event!)
~Had very long conversations with a somewhat "interesting" lady who thought a Russian chauffeur and the FBI were watching her & blocking her emails. She also promised she could get us 1 cent plane tickets to any where in the world.
~Hit up many, MANY 24 hr Starbucks.
~Witnessed an irate elderly man peeing his pants in McDonalds while cursing out the employees.
~Saw a chubby lil' rat get stuck in a gutter (he eventually slipped through)
~Got kicked out of grand central station
~Walked around an empty times square at 4am
~Alex accidentally spit on Diane Sawyer while laughing during the outside taping of Good Morning America!
~Somehow made it to the train which took us to the plane that got us back to our car in FL which we drove home, where we slept & TOTALLY skipped school the next day.

10. I fell in love w/ The Beatles in the 8th grade when the 1st Beatles Anthology came out. It was during this time that my parents said, "Oh, by the way, you were named after a Beatles song (Michelle)" Needless to say, that was one of the best days of my teenage life!

While I have your attention--> Joining this team has literally changed my life because when the photo biz gets slow, Etsy is my main source of income. I honestly don't know what I would be doing if I didn't have the amazing support and exposure I get from all of you Curation Nation-ers. Thank you for all of your hard work!! I'm excited to see all of the creative treasuries in our future! :)

Yvonne again: You may have noticed Stacey's second shop on the blog roll called CreaShinesCreatures, it will be opening sooooon!  www.etsy.com/shop/creashinescreatures

*******Last week's false fact about Andrea from sacredsuds was this one: #8:  Andrea does not speak Jive, and she said she barely knows enough Spanish to get around.  


  1. If I had one tenth of Stacey's spirit, kindness, positive energy and big heart, I'd be all I've been achieving to be my whole life. She inspires me, makes me laugh, and amazes me in ways she isn't even aware of. Stacey, who now lives in Florida, used to live near me in Illinois. I only found this out after 'meeting' her through CN. Ironically, I used to live in Florida, very near to where she is now. Our cosmic paths were bound to cross! I'm blessed because of it. I ADORE you Stace! Thank you for doing all you do for me and with me.

  2. STACEY!!! Next time I come to Sarasota to visit my husband's family, we are TOTALLY getting together. We'll be at Anna Maria, where we are going to go swimming together, because I don't believe #5, that you would never set foot in salt water again.

    You and Alex lead such a fun life, and I am so happy to get to know you better. It is an absolute joy being on this team with you. You have such a zest for life, and I love that about you :-) MWAH!!!


  3. Well, well, well Nice to finally, formally meet you Stacey-the -crazy-cat-lady- CreaShines!

    Next, I would love to meet your five cats, your boyfriend Alex, watch your caterpillar thesis film, .. and of course, jump out of an airplane with you while taking photos of each other holding M-16 and kissing jelly fishes after having had coffee and before attending a Beatles light show and a Bjork after party on an island paradise where poisonous sea snakes have been defeated for all of eternity and skipping school is never a problem.

    When are you free?

    Also, I think that you do not care at all about Mr. French fighting guy and the imaginary babies.

    And P.S. I think Andrea is the first person to have stumped me in these talkin' Tuesdays! You had me fooled Andrea, I was totally imagining you going from southern accent, to jive, to spanish fluidly. Now, ... I just don't know who are anymore...

    ; )


  4. So happy to know so much more about you, Stacey! I'm guessing that Claude's not really your cup 'o tea. Anita

  5. I love reading these!!! :)
    Great to meet you, Stacey.

    I'm choosing #5 because it makes me have mini heart attacks just thinking about it.

  6. I knew it! You are amazing! Your sunny spirit shines all the time. I'm going with the french babies tooooo :)

  7. Kick butt...I adore that mug...LARGE (I also love lots of coffee) with a silly statement message on it :) Crazy "cool" cat lady...that is what it should say :)


    xx Cat brideblu

  8. Too bad my folks are moving from Sarasota! It would have been nice to know someone outside of the house at xmas :)

    I'm picking Jean Claude cause it was the shortest and funniest...

    Super awesome stories! So happy to meet you :)

  9. Wow Stacey, you've have quite the interesting life! I love love love your bagworm piece. I honestly had no idea that you were a photographer. I guess that explains your awesome Etsy photos :)

    I'm going to guess that #7 is false. It sounds like so much fun...totally something I would want to do.

  10. We have the coolest people on this team! I think we should all go on a trip or cruise somewhere together! So. Much. Fun.

    I'm having a hard time deciding, but I'm going to go with #5. Like Dawanna, I would seriously have mini heart attacks if I was in a jelly fish throwing fight AND had poisonous sea snakes underneath me! Yikes!

  11. Well just look at your AMAZING self!! When they make the movie of your life, can I have a walk on cameo?

    I'm guessing 6 is false, just for Alex's sake!

  12. Hehehe WOW and just when I think I know you...

    You are a true bright spot in my every day Miss Stacey! I believe that things happen for a reason and our paths crossed because we needed each other....being the two crazy cat ladies that we are ; )
    Sign me up to help you and Olesya with your kitty shelter!

    Thanks for always knowing what to say and for just being YOU!!

    I'm going with #5..this is one story I haven't heard (but then again wouldn't doubt it ; )

    Love ya girlie!!

  13. Stacey!!

    You are, as always the SWEETEST!

    I was there at your graduation when you took the picture!! Loved reading this!!

    I think #6 is not true!!

  14. If I had not been there when Stacey was born, I would swear that she materialized out of pixie dust, was kissed by angels, then pushed out of the nest by God himself. She is almost too good to be true!

    Ever since she was born, Stacey has been a fun-loving, caring, mischievous spirit that goes at everything she does with SO much energy and determination. I don't know where she gets it all. I can't wait to see what adventure she is going to next jump into head-first!

    I am so glad that all of you are getting to meet her. Some people are just meant to be shared, because they bless every life that they touch.

    I know which one of the facts is false, but won't spoil it for the rest of you! (Mom's know everything, because they have eyes in the back of their head. Muwhahaha!)

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  16. Dear:
    Yvonne, Andrea, Melinda, Anita, Dawanna, Kim, Cat, Stephanie, Kristi, Lauren, Sharon, Toni, Constance (cjBlue), & my mama Kim

    I adore ALL of you :D Your playful comments make me happy! (Mom, yours almost made me cry! Wuv you;)

    And Constance, I totally forgot you & my mom have the inside scoop on #7

    *Pssst that's your first BIG hint everyone!

    Keep up the guesses. The winner(s) will receive free cyber hugs from me for one week.

  17. What a fun post! :D However, I do not believe that you threw jellyfishes before! (those babies sting like mad!) Unless... they were dead when you fling them!!

    I'll watch your stop motion video once I get home, taking a short break in between work right now, heehee. *ninja*

  18. Stacey, you are so awesome!!! Gotta love your spunk... your life has been amazing so far!!!! I want to see the photo you describe in #7 please. I also agree that #6 is false. This interview was so much fun to read!!!

    We are a very lucky team to have you and really appreciate all you do for us! Love ya sweet GORGEOUS friend!!!

    Andrea... you totally had me on last week's question!!!

  19. Stacey you're a girl after my own heart! I love your adventurous spirit and compassion for animals! This team has the coolest people. I'm so happy to be a part of it and get to know each of you better!

    I'm thinking the jellyfish story might be a big fish tale. Being a FL girl too I can't imagine picking up one of those slippery, stinging little creatures and tossing them around! :)

  20. Well, well Miss Stacey, you sure have some fun stories here! This is hard because I didn't think you were into Jean Claude, but #5 is also a bit of a head scratcher too. So i'm going with #5, although it could be that #6 is false, and you really want to have sexy babies with my celebrity boyfriend ;)

  21. Ok, #5 is completely TRUE!

    The key word is "unwillingly" participated in the jellyfish fight. I was dodging the little buggers being tossed around, it was scary (sailors are crazy!;)
    Everyone was ready to be off the ship. It was soon after 9/11 and we didn't get any port visits. This was the first time any of us had stepped off of the ship in 159 days! So it was worth it (the sea snake scare and all:)

  22. Ok... I;ve been thinking about this some more and have remembered that jelly fish sting and are poisonous! I'm starting to doubt that story.

    However, I then read your comment above and noticed that you mention #7 as being possibly false..


    What a confusing little lady you are!

  23. Stacey, I had so much fun reading these! Your love for life seems to leap out of the page!

    I'm also going to say #6. :) Though I've been sitting here trying to figure out the clue, or what it is, and how it could possibly even relate to Jean-Claude Van Damme.

  24. Oh man, so not thinking when I posted!!

    Should not have given away that one........sorry!!

  25. Alright...we're down to two over here, but will be choosing #8!

    I feel like I have an upper hand in knowledge of these...

    Remember when we spent all night (literally...all night) at the ER vet and drank gross coffee and juice in our see-through PJs...waiting for Fedor to get all fixed up...I took notes and now I am able to use them! Aha!

    I think it is #8.

    Good times, good time...

  26. ahh this was such a fun "bio"!! So nice to get to know you better :)