Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Talkin' Tuesday - Meet Dawanna from Peaces of Indigo!

Here are 9 Fierce Facts about Dawanna and one line is completely fictional.  Get involved by guessing which one of the 10 items listed below is the impostor. Put your comments below and Dawanna may be around on Twitter so you can poke at her for some hints!  The fictional statement about Dawanna will be posted next Tuesday when I feature the next CN Teammie. See below for the false fact about last week's featured teammie, Lauren.

Before I give you the scoop on Dawanna, I have to share this story with you.  Dawanna and I were chatting via email and she told me about the necklace in the photo.  I knew the CN teammies would appreciate the story behind it so she gave me the green light to share it with you!

This is my great great grandmother's vintage necklace that she wore for her wedding.  Before my jewelry adventure began, my grandmother gifted this to me because it needed some repairs and she thought that it should be mine.  It's one of my most cherished possessions.  The first time I ever had the courage to wear it out of the house was last week to a Tony Bennett concert here in Nashville.  I felt like a princess wearing it!

1.  I love playing with precious metal clay and cannot imagine going more than a few days without creating something out of it.  It's become an addiction.
2.  I homeschool my three sons.  It's an adventure, just in case you wondered.  :D
3.  I am obsessed with having a perfectly manicured yard.   
4.  Chocolate and wine are in my top 5 must haves for survival.  I can't remember what the other 3 are..........
5.  I adore and collect classic literature.  My library has pretty much taken over every room of my home. 
6.  Jane Austen is my hero!  Her characters keep me company when I'm designing, creating new pieces or feeling blue. Watching one of my ( many ) Jane dvds makes me very happy!
7.  I abhor traffic.  I'll stay home, miss an event or forgo something that I really want just to avoid it.  I adore online shopping mostly because I don't have to spend time sitting in my car. 
8.  My jewelry adventure started when my hubby was laid off from AIG in 2009.  If we hadn't been shocked by the news that our only income was ending, I would not have taken the leap from stay at home mom to artist / business owner.  I'm SO glad that I did!  
9.  After the layoff, our family of 5 sold our house and moved into my parents 1400 square foot house. Yep, we all still like each other!
10.  I have a connection to the mountains that I cannot explain.  Every once in a while, I just 'need' to see them in person.  It's the perfect way to recharge my batteries and just makes me happy.
I am thrilled to be a part of the Curation Nation team!  Making treasuries is such a cool way to explore the amazing world of Etsy. 

*******Last week's false fact about Lauren from FlashForward was this one: #7:  I've never seen the sea turtles lay eggs on the beach or hatch, but I would LOVE to see it some day!


  1. Hmmm, I think Dawanna is holding out on us. I don't see 'Super Model' or 'Miss U.S.A.' anywhere in her bio! You had me at #4 with the chocolate & wine. So lovely to meet you and just as thrilled to have you join us on our team!

  2. Oh yes, I totally agree with Yvonne... Dawanna you are gorgeous!!! This is a wonderful interview. Ok, I am clearly the worst at guessing, but I am going to go with #3. When you must make jewelry and your are addicted, who cares what the lawn look like:-)

  3. Hmmm.....

    I think Dwanna is not at all obsessed with having a perfectly manicured lawn..maybe her lawn is actually wild and unstructured. ; )

  4. I love Dawanna and her work! Both are gorgeous!

  5. Nice to meet you, Dawanna! I love that you're from Nashville! I lived there 5 years and absolutely adored it! Beautiful city and such friendly people! :)
    I have no idea which fact is false, but I'll also go with the lawn! I like mine to look great, but if there are other things to be done or if it's 90+ degrees outside...forget it!

  6. I'm taking a leap with number three. because it would be impossible to keep it that way with three boys! :)

  7. Well Lauren totally got me on that one! It's so great to get to know you better Dawanna! I too will go with #3 but #7 is intriguing! I mean no one likes traffic but I'm not sure you would skip events because of it. So hard to guess!

  8. Thanks for revealing more about this wonderful artist! Dawanna is very a inspirational model and makes fabulous jewelry!

  9. Hi Dawanna! Great to meet you and read your interview. I'm not too good at guessing these, but I think I'll also have to go with #3 as the false fact...

  10. Being obsessed with her yard doesn't seem like Dawanna. I pick No. 3.

  11. I'm clueless about the false fact, but am so glad to meet you! I homeschooed my 5 kids for one year and know how demanding that is, between that and an Etsy shop, you are my hero!

  12. Rachel Jane - Stitch n SpoonApril 5, 2011 at 11:06 PM

    Agree with number 3... adores mountains and makes organic looking items, mmm me think manicured gardens aren't her style.

  13. Well let me just say that we need to change the name of our team to "HotTies". We are a pretty bunch, now aren't we ; )

    Very nice to "meet" you Dawanna!!
    I'm going with #2. No really good reason, just because.

    Looking forward to finding out the truth.

  14. You are so right. I love the IDEA of a perfect yard. :D

    It's so nice to meet everyone!!
    I think this feature is a fabulous way to get to know each other.
    It was fun!

  15. #3 is my guess. Hey Dawanna! You know, you're so close to me, we should get together next time I venture to Nashville...I'll do the driving! haha!

  16. It's fun to get to know our teamies little by little, especially when one of them is Miss America 2010!!
    I guess #3 too, we homeschool too but don't get much time for a perfect looking lawn !!

  17. It's so great to meet you Dawanna! I wish we lived closer so we could all indulge in chocolate and wine together :-D