Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Theme Treasury Challenge - Eco Savvy

We want to feature YOU!  A reminder: Please use 8 CN members or your Treasury will not get judged.  We've had some amazing shops we've wanted to feature as the winner but unfortunately we couldn't because all of the rules were not followed.  Ok, the scolding from the teacher is over, get back to recess.    

Even though Earth Day is over, taking care of Momma Earth should be an everyday happening.  I'm the 'Recycling Police' wherever I go and have been known to bring home aluminum cans when I've been at places where they don't recycle so they won't go into our Earth.  The teeniest piece of cellophane goes into the recycling bin & if something can be reused or repurposed before recycling it, well, it does in our house. 

This Saturday's Treasury theme challenge is taken from Etsy's Finds email - Eco List. Ideas abound in Eco Fashion, Bike to Work,  Think about using hemp, bamboo, organic materials, and items that have been reclaimed and recycled throughout our vintage shops.  Click here to see some amazing visuals in Etsy's Eco List email.

There is always a photo used to express the theme but this item does not have to be included in your treasury.The Rules:

1. Include at least 8 Curation Nation team members.
2. Tag the treasury "curationnation"

3. Tag the treasury "etsyteam".
4. Tag the treasury "etsyteamtreasury" - if you tweet, tweet your treasury using the hashtag #EtsyTeamTreasury.
5. Tag the treasury "eco friendly".

6. Post a comment here on the blog with a link to your treasury - your treasury will not be judged unless you have posted it below in the comments. Your shop could be chosen as the winner to be featured on our Wednesday Item Treasury Challenge. 
7. Put a link to this blog post in the comments of the treasury - this helps others find the challenge and enter.

Please follow our blog.
9. DUE DATE: Wednesday, April 27. 

10. Saturday Treasury Challenges are the only challenges that get judged.

Everyone is invited to play - these challenges are open to all! These challenges are also voluntary - never mandatory for team members. Remember to try to include team mates you haven't used beforeThese challenges are meant to build your treasury making skills, promote the team and make Etsy connections.  If you deal in vintage it's a great time to promote your vintage goods by making the old new again!



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