Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Talkin' Tuesday!

Here are 9 Fierce Facts about Michelle and one line is completely fictional.  Get involved by guessing which one of the 10 items listed below is the imposter. Put your comments below and Michelle may be around on Twitter so you can poke at her for some hints!  The fictional statement about Michelle will be posted next Tuesday when I feature the next CN Teammie.
  1. I was a vegetarian for 10 years.
  2. I love all kinds of music, but I can't stand country.
  3. I'm a very analytical person, which of course leads to my mind never shutting off.
  4. I am, as my husband calls me, a Heinz 57. My family is Irish, Italian, German, Native American and African American.
  5. I am an only child.
  6. I was was raised by a single mother.
  7. I have been with my husband since I was 17. I'm now 33 (that kind of depresses me as it's half of my life).
  8. My favorite movies are Pretty In Pink, The Breakfast Club, and anything with Mark Wahlberg!
  9. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was little, but instead hold a degree in Fashion Merchandising.
  10. I love small town life.


  1. Oh this is super fun! I want to participate!


  2. Great to get to know her! I'm guessing........that she DOES NOT love small town life...am I right?! :D

  3. Nice to meet ya Michelle ;)

    First of all, I CAN'T believe how many things we have in common! Craaaaazy....

    And if the trend stays true to how much alike we are, I'm gonna agree with Sara and say that you DO NOT like small town life?

  4. Hi Michelle, I don't know...I'll just go with everyone else and say no to small town living!

  5. Awesome feature! So hard! I have no idea! I was going to guess either 5 or 10.

  6. Omg, I love Mark Wahlberg too! (I think my husband just rolled his eyes). I just saw on your Twitter profile that your team leader for the Etsy in PA team, so I'm going to have to agree with everyone else on the small town thing. I'm guessing you love city life in Philly.

  7. I've wanted to get to know my teammates better and this is such a wonderfully fun way to do it!!

    Okay Michelle, you are a very fascinating person.
    #1. says "WAS" a vegetarian...are you still a vegetarian? If not, why? just curious

    I think the false fact is #2. Even I've learned to love country music (because it's not really "country" music anymore.)

    Can't wait to see which fact is false and see whose next.

  8. This is going to be fun! I'll be different and guess #8!

  9. Wow, You look like you're still in your 20's!!
    I'm going with #2 as false.


  10. You guys are great! Andrea, anyone who loves Mark Wahlberg is #1 in my book ;) Sharon, you are too sweet! Toni, I am not a vegetarian anymore b/c it just became easier with my husband to eat meat and I guess I craved it every once and awhile. I don't eat much though. I am perfectly happy eating meals without meat. And sorry, that statement is true. I may like a handful of country songs, but otherwise I can't stand it!

    Keep the guesses coming...

  11. Oh this is too hard! I'm going to guess that number 5 is false. Only because I'm completely guessing/using the multiple choice answers in the middle usually the ones you should pick method. haha Guess that shows why I'm horrible at tests!

    Great feature!!

  12. I think that #8 is not true. I love this as a way to get to know our teammies:)

  13. This is so cool! Great to get to know you Michelle! Thanks for sharing.

    I'm excited to get to know all of out teammates this way.

    I also believe it's #10 which isn't true.

  14. I'm loving this little feature :) I'm guessing that #10 is the false one. I figure anyone that loves smalltown life would love country :) So my guess is that you don't like either of them!

  15. This is so fun to check back in with. Another hint, #8 is definitely true. I've watched Pretty In Pink at least 2 dozen times and I'm quite obsessed with Mark Wahlberg at the moment haha

  16. #8 was my guess:( So now I think that #5 is not true.