Thursday, January 27, 2011

Teammie Biography Treasury Thursday - Vanessa

Hey guys, Jess here from Virtue Bath and Beauty. I am very excited to start up this new project for our team! Each Thursday I will bring you a new treasury inspired by one of our C-Nation teammies. This week I was lucky enough to get to know Vanessa from baileybellecreations and can I just tell y'all, it was a pleasure! So without further ado I present to you, "Vanessa goes to the carnival."

I was rather inspired by Vanessa's cotton candy recycled magazine paper hair clips. The color's reminded me of cotton candy and you know I can't resist a good whimsical treasury! I also was determined to add a chihuahua in there, Vanessa loves chihuahuas, and a sombrero wearing chihuahua at that!

I hope you guys like it!


  1. It's so beautiful! And yes, certainly whimsical :)

    Those clips are to diiiee for! And I think that it should be law that every treasury contains at least one Chihuahua *<-totally had that word spell checked!

    Thanks for doing these Jess, so nice to learn more about our teammies!

  2. It's awesome! Not to put down any other Ts, but this was my favorite of the day! Fantastic colors

  3. Like it! I love it! And its so nice to get to know Vanessa better!

  4. Delightfully sweet and whimsical too! I want to eat a bag of cotton candy and pastel marshmallow peeps after seeing this T. I didn't know Vanessa likes Chihuahuas. (Thanks Stace for spelling it right so I could just copy your paper.)